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Free speech is well and truly alive in Ireland.

Last Wednesday, Ireland’s Minister for Social and Family Affairs Mary Hanafin was discussing further cutbacks on  Current affairs programme “The Frontline” when an audience member lashed out at Pat Kenny.

Questioning his right to discuss cuts on Social Welfare payments while annually earning 600,000 for an 11 hour week, Alan O Brien (38) from Inshicore, was later escorted out of the studio as Pat rather cooly handled the outburst.

Line of the night; “Mary Hanafin was elected to be a hypocrite, who gave you the right?”

This attack on the massive pay scales at RTE has been applauded throughout Ireland and I’m pretty sure we can expect more of it in the run up to Decembers budget.

Although Kenny has already received a 25% wage cut and is one of the few RTE members to speak openly about these cuts –  its estimated that during the “boom years” his annual take home pay was 900,000.


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