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A week from today all evidence of my size ten wardrobe shall be binned.

Unless, of course I should toss them into the “one day, I shall fit into them box.” Oh wait…It’s full.

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Yes, Christmas is truly the time for complete overindulgence. On my part anyway. What I find worse is the period after, in which mountains of sweets, biscuits, chocolate and crisps lie lonely in every corner of your house.

It becomes an obstacle course of confectionary avoidance. However, it is probably the only time of year that this type of scoffing is accepted. Hell it’s actually celebrated. Breakfast becomes a selection box. Temptation lingers, and eventually chocolate wrappers take over your life.

And, just as you pledge your ‘three meal a day deal‘ with yourself, you crack. Guilt embeds itself on your brain. Tomorrow is built on promises.

But you can’t go for a walk, it’s the ‘cold snap‘ don’t you know?


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