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I had to laugh at this one…

Following a conversation I had with a mate back home in Galway via the friendship lifeline that is Skype, I was  informed of the recent goings on around my old college NUI Galway.

Apparently building is nearly completed on Ireland’s largest and most modern engineering building, a class act so I’m told – but it’s what thats occurring regarding parking facilities thats got everyone in a spin.

Courtesy of stock.xchng

You see in order to construct this state of the art building, two car parks had to be sacrificed, proving hazardous to

employees, staff  and students but such was its grandeur this sacrifice seemed only correct. A  “park and ride” service from Dangan, ten minutes away, was the solution, only someone  overspent the Budget and now they haven’t got the money to run the shuttle     bus let alone get it to leave the car park, maybe they went to the Bertie school of Business?

So with this ridiculous sense of budgeting NUI are left with one big building and no students to put in it. Being from Ireland, you’d find this both familiar and funny resulting in a sigh, giggle and the familiar line:

“Sure only in Ireland”.


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