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People in Ireland are probably a little more familiar with the ongoing disputes between Public sector workers and the Government, regarding pay cuts, threats to pensions and job security – a swift step taken by the Irish Government to pull itself out of the economic miseries it now faces.

Courtesy of stock.xchng

Courtesy of stock.xchng

What makes this statement more universally understandable is that the economic crisis is global. We all feel the pinch.  And if your Irish, you may also hear the last remaining cries of  – the strangled cat –  that is the Celtic Tiger.

The Government, in its efforts of addressing  this problem are hitting the ordinary workers of Ireland – hard. I could go on but there is nothing I can say that hasn’t already been voiced and subsequently fallen on deaf ears.

So with this voice, my Mother and 65,000 other teachers will pound the streets of Dublin on November 24 in the attempt to prove that they will not stand for further wages cuts, and the belief that they are somewhat responsible for the economic state of the Country.

But they are not alone:

Inside Ireland provided this breakdown, I think we’ll all agree these figures are overwhelming:

• Within the Health Service 85.6% voted for strike action

• Similar large majorities in the Local Authority Service (78.4%)

• the Fire Service (91.6%),

• Educational Services (79%)

• and Government departments (77.4%).

So here’s the cruel irony, as the Public Sector of Ireland engages in Strike action on November 24, the Government are the only benefactor saving  mass amounts of money as this days leave is unpaid.

To think, as people take a stand for their rights there’s a profit made – right back into the hands of injustice.


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