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Dan Le Sac at the Roisin Dubh, Co.Galway

A palpable sense of excitement pulses through the crowd tonight as Essex duo Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip manage to once again sell-out  their Galway  gig at the Roisin Dubh.

Bar, toilet trot complete I make my way to the front. I’ve caught these guys live before and the clever use of theatrics and stage owning is worth front row presence alone.

Opening to a killer mash-up of the antiques roadshow theme the trumpet barely gets a chirp in as Dan smashes it with the darkest, dirtiest  electro beats known to man.

Pip fully suited avec cap takes to the stage  suitcase in hand suggesting the  use of theatrics that’s to come.

Good God you’re a noisy bunch” grins Pip as he launches into a verse from ‘Waiting For The Beat To Kick In’  closely followed by ‘ The Beat That My Heart Skipped’.

This double act, upon first glance are polar opposites on all levels.  Yet  at that work incredibly well together. Pip delivers his spoken word with passion, character and comic interjection. While Dan provides live electro pulsed hip hop beats,  as a dancey backdrop to Pips poetic flow. The perfect balance.

Pips cheeky crowd rapport emerges  as he asks the crowd: “Hey, have we got any shitty couples here tonight pretending your still in love?” while launching into the closest version of a love song you’ll get from these guys. “Look for the woman” sees the duo’s strength shine as Dan takes to the mic and delivers his view of dried up relationships. Feeding into this raw genuine spit of emotion Dan recalls his last visit to Galway as an unforgettable one. Their début album ‘Angles’ hit the shelves that very day.

Scroobious Pip at the Roisin Dubh, Co. Galway.

Flow of adoration

Albeit, there is a darker element to their music, as  lyrics wise these guys deal with some pretty heavy content – as Pip puts it himself:  “Hmm chant, suicide, revenge and murder just the perfect thing to get you going on a Saturday night”. Yet, they manage to draw you in, educate you on reality while simultaneously giving you a bloody good time.

After all –  that’s what a gig is about right?

Delving into the darkest track off their début, Pip embraces each word as if  reflecting on his own personal experiences.

The use of  crowd interaction is outstanding as Pip embraces the audience as if on first name basis,  which in turn leaves us nothing short of putty in their hands. Keeping this up, Pip asks with a half grin:Do any of you guys listen to UK Hip Hop?” while launching into the funniest, wittiest and quite frankly honest attack on the UK Hip Hop scene to date.

Thou Shalt

‘Fixed’, a clever re-working of Dizzie’s ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’ provides a communal nod of approval from the audience. They, like the band seem to tire of Hip hop’s constant wishes of dropping the proverbial “lyrical bombs” on our asses.

Euphoria erupts as Le Sac drops the beat to the familiar ‘Thou Shall Always Kill’. Leaving any still member in the audience trampled.Drawing to a close, the crowd will not loosen their grip,  and with the familiar “ONE MORE TUNE” chant a sweaty but willing Le Sac and Pip emerge back on stage providing a sexed up, fast paced version of Prince’s ‘Cream.’

Exiting the gig, a flow of adoration seems to emerge from the lips of every punter. For some this is their first Le Sac vs Pip gig. Others it’s simply a re-visit coupled with met expectations. To quote a line from the witty pop culture piece,  Thou Shalt: “Thou shalt not use poetry, art or music to get into girls pants. Use it to get into their heads.”

Mission Complete.

Click here to see if a Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip is happening near you.


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I had to laugh at this one…

Following a conversation I had with a mate back home in Galway via the friendship lifeline that is Skype, I was  informed of the recent goings on around my old college NUI Galway.

Apparently building is nearly completed on Ireland’s largest and most modern engineering building, a class act so I’m told – but it’s what thats occurring regarding parking facilities thats got everyone in a spin.

Courtesy of stock.xchng

You see in order to construct this state of the art building, two car parks had to be sacrificed, proving hazardous to

employees, staff  and students but such was its grandeur this sacrifice seemed only correct. A  “park and ride” service from Dangan, ten minutes away, was the solution, only someone  overspent the Budget and now they haven’t got the money to run the shuttle     bus let alone get it to leave the car park, maybe they went to the Bertie school of Business?

So with this ridiculous sense of budgeting NUI are left with one big building and no students to put in it. Being from Ireland, you’d find this both familiar and funny resulting in a sigh, giggle and the familiar line:

“Sure only in Ireland”.

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