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Randa El Tahawy cites French as her nationality and always will.  But, for now – home is Egypt.

However, this also has its disadvantages. Randa describes her attendance of French school in Egypt lead to the questioning of whether she was a “true Egyptian.”“Life has taught me a lot you know.” These life lessons are clear as we speak of her past and what the future holds. So far Randa has written but not expressed.

Sitting upright Randa begins, detailing with passion and poise why she wishes to write about the unwritten. Society pressures, dictation of living standards they all affect her one way or  another.

I was never able to go further than the commercial publications, its shallow and not me.” She tells of life in Egypt as that of great “prosperity” but buried beneath is a great societal  pressure, especially on young Women like herself to get married as soon as possible.

Randa tells me “it’s a marking of social status” and that “you are officially  member of Society” once the exchange of vows has taken place.

Although she says that people may believe  reporting on Women’s issues to be a  “cliché” subject, it’s an issue that she holds dear to herself and as long as it still exists she’ll no doubt report on it.

Representing her Country

I refuse to live my “life as a blank page, I dont want some bland reference every time someone mentions me, I want to be remembered.”

During her period as a professional Journalist and prior to her move to London Randa has written for three publications, all of which have omitted the chance to speak of  “real issues.”

These issues are more important now than ever as Randa believes by living in London she is “representing her country.”

Aspiring to fix the views of the Social elite and break restrictive reporting are two overwhelming aspirations, that will no doubt be touched on and possibly overtaken throughout her career path.


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