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Like Marmite, you either love or loathe Rossy. For those preferring the latter today marked a triumph, as Jonathan Ross announced his resignation from the BBC after 13 years of service.

Stressing that money was not the reasoning behind his departure,  the announcement, made this afternoon came completely out of the blue. In a statement Ross revealed that he has decided not renew his contract when it ends in July this year.

Revealing that this step was not “financially motivated” –  I somehow found this pretty hard to digest.  I recall reading a piece about massive pay cuts being slapped down on the beebs high earners – up to 50 per cent.  And as the highest paid star in the corporation  –  of course they were going to come after Ross first.

Agreeing  to the cut –  insiders later said it was not enough.

The question everyone  now asks is: who will fill his lucrative Friday night chat show spot, Radio 2 show and  film review programme.

  • After his announcement Ross took to his Twitter and thanked  fans for supporting his decision saying:
  • ” Thanks again for all the kind words – nice people! Love to you all.”
  • “It’s reported that his contract, issued for three years untill July 2010  was worth an estimated 18 million.

Friday nights, who do you want to see presenting?


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As the UK  battles its way through the longest cold snap since 1981 shoppers swarmed their local supermarkets in an effort to stock up on food supplies.

Equipped with the knowledge that ‘the worst was yet to come’ manic scenes, some of which I was witness to took place at supermarkets throughout London.

Copyright of Claire Noble

Clutching my to-do list I embarked on my familiar stroll towards my local Sainsburys. Dashing through the aisles shoppers grabbed tinned goods by the dozen, while many, settling for what they could – chose from what was left on the bare shelves.

Forecasters accurately predicted snowfall of up to 40cm. If there was ever a time to bulk buy it was now.

According to Wednesdays Metro:

  • Asda saw a 100 per cent rise in sales of thermal underwear and a 129 per cent leap in the purchase of vacuüm flasks
  • Tescos soup sales  increased by 80 per cent
  • In Essex, Budgens said shop takings were triple the normal
  • Salt, cat litter and soups were among the most popular purchases
  • While Halfords said it had seen sales of snow chains and sleeping bags also rise.

Forecasters predict the  cold snap will continue  for the  next two weeks.

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